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Dangerous Product Liability Cases

We put our faith in the products we use. Everyone assumes that the products they use are safe and will not harm them. While any product comes with risks, manufacturers have an obligation to warn customers about the dangers of their products so they can make smart choices and protect themselves from any hazards. However, some products are improperly designed or engineered, and some otherwise safe products have manufacturing defects, which makes them dangerous. Manufacturers may release dangerous items into the marketplace, and these products can cause significant injury and harm to people who trust the company. 

When you are injured by a dangerous or defective product, you deserve to be fully and fairly compensated.

When Manufacturers Are Responsible for Defective Products

According to public policy, manufacturers are the best-equipped to test their products and to ensure the safety of their products. Because of this, strict liability rules apply in cases of defective products. Under strict liability rules, an injured victim does not need to prove that a manufacturer was negligent in order to recover compensation if they are harmed by a product. The manufacturer is responsible for the injury if the product caused harm when used according to its instructions. 

Additionally, manufacturers are bound by duty to warn customers about any possible risks associated with the use of their products. As a result, injured victims who experience harm from dangerous or defective items can pursue a claim for failure to warn users of all potential risks.

There are numerous ways to make a case against a product manufacturer. These can be complex. It is in the best interest of injured victims to seek help from an experienced New York product liability lawyer in order to explore all of their best options and pursue the maximum compensation available.

A skilled product liability attorney may be able to win you compensation for some of the following: 

  • Lost income / wages
  • Emotional distress resulting from an accident or injuries
  • Medical bills resulting from injuries caused by the defective product
  • Pain and suffering caused by injuries from the defective product
  • Wrongful death if the defective product caused a family member or loved one to suffer fatal injuries. 

Many product liability cases are resolved in class actions or in multidistrict litigation. It often happens that dangerous products are mass-produced. This results in injuries to hundreds, if not thousands, of users. Product liability lawyers in New York City can help you determine if joining a class action or MDL is the best path to compensation for your case.

How Do I Know If I Have A Product Liability Case?

In the state of New York, an injured party or the family of a person who has died as a result of a defective product has the right to file a products liability claim. Filing a products liability claim requires one to prove that the product was already dangerous when it left the manufacturer’s control, and that it lacked the necessary warning to indicate the risk of an unreasonable danger. In the state of New York, manufacturers are required by law to provide adequate warning about any hazardous parts of their product, and if particular uses of their product may result in injury or death for users. Many deaths and injuries resulting from defective products could have been avoided had manufacturers used better design in their products, and included proper warnings. 

What Is A Negligent Design Claim?

If an injury or death occurs as a result of a product’s defective design, the claim is that the product functioned as it was intended to, but that the design was negligent. A reasonable manufacturer would have known that the design of the product was flawed, and that injury or death resulting from its use could have been mitigated with better design. Once manufacturers identify a hazard in a particular product, their design engineers must follow established design priority recognized by all design engineers. The following represent guidelines for a negligent design: 

  • The hazardous condition of the product must be designed out if it can be done without compromising the utility of the product. If this is impossible, the following must be done:
  • The dangerous condition of the product must be mitigated as much as possible. If this dangerous condition cannot be mitigated:
  • A warning must be attached that the dangerous condition of this product may cause injury or death. 

If any of these conditions are not followed by a manufacturer and it results in injury or death, a negligent design claim may be made. 

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