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We are beyond proud of the results we’ve gotten for our clients. Each of these stories represents many hours of work we put in to build a strong case for the compensation our client needed, and every dollar we recovered help to improve someone’s life.

Remember that these case results, while accurate and representative of our work, are dependent on the specific circumstances of those cases. Past results do not guarantee a similar outcome in any future case, including yours. The only way to know the value of your case is to discuss your specific circumstances with an attorney in a free consultation.

Construction Accidents

$6 Million for Three Workers Injured in a Crane Accident

We represented three construction workers who were injured while building the first floor above ground level on a construction site in New York City when a crane collapsed. Our investigation found violations of multiple New York laws (including Labor Law 240 and Labor Law 241) as well as OSHA safety regulations. The confidential settlements we obtained for our clients totaled $6 million.

$5 Million for Brain Injuries to Security Guard

We represented a man who was working as a security guard at a retail outlet that was undergoing an alteration, which included the installation of a “Salon Wall” that was to be used to display merchandise. The “Salon Wall” was delivered to the alteration site in two component wall sections, one of which was unpacked and positioned standing upright but unsecured against a wall. While workers were unpacking the other section, the unsecured component toppled over, striking our client and rendering him unconscious. He sustained a traumatic brain injury causing a cognitive disorder and impaired mobility.

$4.5 Million for Injured Carpenter/Laborer

Our client, a carpenter/laborer, was working on the excavation phase of a construction project in Manhattan. He was setting up the placement of concrete forms for the foundation of a new residential apartment complex. At the same time, an operator of heavy-duty excavation equipment was digging out the footing of the foundation. Due to the force and vibrations of the excavation equipment, a section of rock the size of a small car became dislodged, slid down, and rolled onto our client’s right foot, crushing it. He later developed necrosis because of the injury.

$3.175 Million for Construction Laborer

Working on a building renovation in the Bronx, New York, our client was instructed to use a power motorized machine on one of the tree stumps embedded in the concrete of the property. His employer set up an extension ladder beside a 25-foot drop on the far side of the retaining wall and failed to secure it in any way. The mechanical force of the motorized machinery caused the ladder to shift, knocking him off. He fell 22 feet to the ground and suffered fractures to his right hip, right elbow, and right wrist.

$2.5 Million for Crane Accident

We represented a union rough construction carpenter who was injured in a crane accident while participating in the installation of framing, beams, and forms approximately 15 feet above ground level at a construction site in New York City. A crane collapse caused him to fall to the ground, causing severe injuries.  Our investigation found violations of multiple New York laws (including Labor Law 240 and Labor Law 241) as well as OSHA safety regulations. We ultimately recovered $2.5 million as part of a confidential settlement.

$2.25 Million for Construction Mason

Our client was attempting to climb from a two-point suspended scaffold platform over the top of a parapet wall approximately 7-8 feet above the scaffold platform to gain access to the roof of the building under renovation. During this attempted climb, our client’s legs became tangled within the safety line attached to his harness, and the force of gravity caused him to become toppled and suspended between the scaffold and the top of the parapet wall against the exterior of the building. He sustained injuries to both knees, including a left knee injury that required ACL reconstruction. We held the responsible party accountable for violations of NY Labor Law §240(1) and New York Industrial Code 12 NYCRR 23-5.3 (f)) and ultimately secured a multi-million-dollar recovery.

$1.8 Million for Crane Accident

We represented a union rough construction carpenter who was injured in a crane accident while participating in the installation of framing, beams, and forms approximately 15 feet above ground level at a construction site in New York City. A crane collapse caused him to fall to the ground, causing severe injuries.  Our investigation found violations of multiple New York laws (including Labor Law 240 and Labor Law 241) as well as OSHA safety regulations. We ultimately recovered $1.8 million as part of a confidential settlement.

$1.7 Million for Crane Collapse

We represented a union concrete laborer who was injured in a crane accident while participating in the installation of framing, beams, and forms approximately 15 feet above ground level at a construction site in New York City. A crane collapse caused him to fall to the ground, causing severe injuries. Our investigation found violations of multiple New York laws (including Labor Law 240 and Labor Law 241) as well as OSHA safety regulations. We ultimately recovered $1.7 million as part of a confidential settlement.

$1.6 Million for Construction Laborer

Our client was standing on a scaffold repairing a section of the concrete floor on the second level of a building in Brooklyn when he was struck by sections of the concrete second floor that collapsed and fell onto him. Following the impact, he was knocked off the scaffold and fell six to eight feet to the floor below. He sustained significant head injuries including a skull fracture, intracranial hemorrhage, and traumatic brain injury. We were able to secure a $1.6 million settlement, split between the building owner and operator.

$1.4 Million for Fatal Construction Fall

Our client was employed at a renovation of the exterior façade of a Manhattan hotel. At approximately 90 feet above the ground, he was standing on pipe scaffolding and filling in motor joints when he fell to his death onto the sidewalk-shed deck below. An investigator from the New York City Department of Buildings wrote in his preliminary findings that there was a “hazardous condition of loose planks on scaffolding prior to victim’s death.” We held four defendants accountable for violations of New York Labor Law §240(1) and five separate sections of the New York State Industrial Code, and ultimately recovered $1.4 million for his family. Pat James Crispi was featured in the New York Times in connection with his representation in this case.

$1.4 Million for Worker Who Fractured Right Arm

Our client was working at the renovation of a six -story residential apartment building in the Bronx, performing brick pointing work while standing on a scaffold at the third or fourth floor level of the building. When he climbed back up the exterior fire escape to continue his work, our client grabbed the scaffold suspension ropes and placed his right foot down onto the scaffold platform. At this point, the scaffold moved perpendicularly away from the building, causing him to fall more than 30 feet to the ground. He sustained multiple fractures to his right arm that required surgical repair. The case was settled before a mediator while awaiting trial after we forced the hand of the opposition by obtaining a ruling from the Court that the defendants were 100 percent responsible for the accident.

$1.3 Million for Carpenter Who Fractured Heel

Our client was working on the construction site for a single-family home in Water Mill, New York when the scaffold he was standing on broke apart and collapsed, causing him to fall to the floor. He sustained multiple fractures to the left lower extremity.

$1.2 Million for Plumber Who Fell from a Ladder

Our client was a plumber working on a construction project in Brooklyn. He was standing at the top of a ladder that had been positioned resting against two vertical steel wall frame studs. Those studs gave way, causing the ladder to fall forward and toppling the plaintiff approximately 12 feet onto solid concrete. He suffered injuries to his right wrist, left shoulder, left hip, and spine, some of which required surgery.

$1 Million for Bricklayer Who Injured Shoulder

Our client was a bricklayer working on a commercial construction project in Staten Island, NY. At the time of the accident, he was working on an erected scaffold at a location that was below the level of the roof of the unfinished building. A cement block had been placed on a blue tarp as on the roof; when a gust of wind blew the blue tarp upwards off the roof, it sent the cement block up into the air and down on the plaintiff’s head and shoulder.

$1 Million for Carpenter Struck by Plywood

Our client, a union carpenter, was working on the construction of a new high-rise apartment building in Manhattan when he was struck by section of plywood that fell from the floor above. The section of plywood fell when another worker was trimming the deck on the floor above. He sustained a labral tear in his left shoulder and needed two arthroscopic procedures.

$900,000 Recovery for Injured Carpenter

Our client, a union carpenter, was walking through a passageway within a construction site in Lower Manhattan when he slipped and fell on plywood that was dangerously placed on a collection of water, mud, and debris. He suffered severe permanent injuries to his left knee.

$815,000 Recovery for Fatal Construction Accident

Our client was working as the de facto project superintendent at a hotel construction project in Niagara Falls, New York when fell to his death from the third floor. The platform he was standing on collapsed down onto the top of the first-floor ceiling and he fell with the platform, bouncing off the cement section and falling an additional one story to the ground level. He suffered massive head trauma and was loaded into an ambulance with only a faint pulse; on the way to the hospital, that pulse was lost, and he was declared dead at Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital. After extensive litigation and obtaining a ruling by the Court of 100 percent liability on the part of the defendant, we procured a monetary settlement for his two daughters.

$800,000 Recovered for Carpenter Who Tripped on Debris

Our client, a married father of two, was a journeyman carpenter working on a construction project in Brooklyn. He tripped and fell on construction debris located within a passageway at the job site and suffered significant injuries to his left knee that required surgical repair. We obtained the $800,000 recovery from the owner and manager of the construction project.

$750,000 Recovered for Construction Laborer

Our client was part of a team working on repairing and replacing damaged portions of the exterior of an apartment complex. He was struck by unsecured bricks that fell from the building bulkhead located one story above where he was positioned. When the bricks hit him, he was knocked down, fell through an unsafe opening in the platform planking, and landed on the scaffold platform below. There was a violation of Labor Law §240(1) and Labor Law §241(6) because of a failure to take the reasonable and legally required measures to guard against the foreseeable risks associated with the forces of gravity.

$750,000 for Laborer Who Fell 20 Feet

Our client was working at a construction site on Long Island when he fell approximately 20 feet without adequate protection, breaking his right fibula. Our investigation revealed that he was required to work in an unguarded area of an unfinished platform. As a result, he fell off the edge while operating a concrete chipping device. We secured a recovery on the legal basis that the incident stemmed from an elevation-related hazard, as defined by Labor Law § 240(1), and that the Plaintiff was not provided the proper, safe equipment that is a requirement of the statute.

$700,000 for Construction Worker With Left Ankle Fracture

Our client, a union steel laborer, was injured while working at a construction site in Manhattan. A quantity of steel rebar being transported by a three-wheeled “dolly” toppled onto him. Due to his injuries, our client was out of work from the date of the occurrence to the date the case was resolved.

$500,000 Settlement for Construction Laborer

Our client was working as a laborer at a construction site in Manhattan when he lost his balance and fell down a series of steps on a temporary stairway. Our investigation revealed that he had been instructed to carry a crate of steel “doughnuts” that weighed at least 60 pounds, that he was required to utilize the temporary stairs, that the temporary stairway was exposed to the elements, and that the stairs were both cluttered and slippery due to debris, grease, and oil. In addition, the passageway/stairway was not equipped with safety railings in direct violation of New York law. As a result of the dangerous conditions on the premises, our client sustained significant back injuries.

$500,000 Recovered for Immigrant Laborer

Our client, an undocumented immigrant, was employed as a laborer by a scaffolding company contracted to build exterior scaffolding to the building façade for a roof restoration project in the Bronx. He was operating a hoisting machine when it malfunctioned, causing him to be pulled into the machine by the force of gravity and trapped inside it. He sustained a fracture of the left humerus that required surgical repair.

$500,000 for Work Injury

Our client was an employee of a cleaning company who worked on a four-person crew that was responsible for cleaning the entire kitchen and cafeteria area at a corporate office in Manhattan. At approximately 4:45 PM, while our client’s crew was working in the kitchen area, two employees of a third-party equipment service company that had been contracted to maintain the cooking equipment entered the kitchen. The two men began disassembling the cooking equipment, and one employee attempted to lift a heavy metal stove covering plate off the stove. He then dropped the heavy metal plate directly on our client’s foot, causing a left ankle ligament and tendon tear.

$492,500 for Construction Laborer

Our client was employed to erect an exterior scaffold for renovation of an apartment complex in Long Island. He was seriously injured when improperly secured metal component parts of the unassembled scaffolding toppled and fell from many stories above and struck him in the head, upper back, and shoulders. The metal component parts had been hoisted to the elevated location from the ground level and fell before they were secured.

$475,000 for Knee Injury at Work

Our client was a residential mover who was injured due to a broken section of a stair tread on the steps leading down from the second floor of an apartment building in Westchester County. He sustained a lateral meniscal tear in his right knee that required surgical arthroscopy to address. Attorney Pat James Crispi obtained this $475,000 recovery in Bronx Supreme Court.

$475,000 for Fall Off Ladder at Renovation Site

Our client was an apprentice electrician who lost his balance and fell while descending an A-Frame ladder at a commercial building renovation site in Brooklyn. The ladder was unstable because it had been negligently placed on top of drywall debris scattered about the work area. Our client sustained injuries to his left Achilles tendon that required multiple surgeries, and he missed approximately one year of employment due to his injuries. Attorney Pat James Crispi obtained this $475,000 recovery in Kings County Supreme Court.

$375,000 for Carpenter with Lower Back Injury

Our client was working as a union carpenter on the fourth floor of a new construction project in Manhattan. The accident occurred when a co-worker who was trimming the deck directly above negligently and carelessly sawed off a piece of lumber, causing it to fall approximately 20-30 feet and strike our client. Our client was not afforded with the required protection from falling material or objects, and the site was not equipped with the necessary barricades or fencing protecting workers from being exposed to falling material or objects.

$350,000 Recovered for Roofer who Fractured Ankle

Our client was employed as a construction worker at a renovation project of a theater in midtown Manhattan. While he was working on the roof, he was caused to fall and slide downward to the edge, suffering a fracture of his right ankle. We successfully proved negligence on the part of the building owner due to a violation of the scaffolding requirements under the New York State Labor Law.

$300,000 for Construction Laborer

Our client was a construction laborer working on a construction site in Manhattan when he fell due to the breaking and collapse of one of the pieces of wood on which he was standing. He sustained a micro fracture in his right heel. As a result of our representation, our client was awarded summary judgment on the issue of liability in Queens County Supreme Court.

$300,000 Award for Carpenter with Left Foot Tendon Tear

Our client, a union carpenter, was walking through a construction area in Hudson Yards when he tripped and fell over a collection of construction debris scattered in the work area, which constituted unmarked concealed hazard and obstruction. Our office successfully established negligence on the part of the Defendant due to violations of three New York laws.

$300,000 Recovery for Back Injury in Malfunctioning Elevator

Our client was a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) working the overnight shift at a nursing home in Brooklyn. Shortly after midnight, he entered an elevator from the third floor of the facility, intending to travel to the first floor. When the elevator reached the first floor, the doors did not open. The elevator cab then suddenly ascended at a high speed, coming to a loud and violent stop at the fifth floor. At this point, the doors still did not open, and our client was trapped inside the elevator for approximately 25 minutes before FDNY personnel arrived to rescue him. When he was finally able to exit the elevator, our client had to step down 8 to 12 inches because the elevator cab had come to a stop well above the walking surface of the fifth floor. As a result of the incident, he sustained back injuries that required surgery.

$280,000 Settlement for Flagman Injured in Taxi Accident

Our client, a flagman working at a construction site in Manhattan, was injured when a taxicab crashed into construction material that in turn struck his body. He was knocked to the ground and sustained right knee injuries that required surgery. Our investigation found that the construction company had negligently placed the building materials without properly securing them in violation of New York Labor Law 200. We ultimately recovered $280,000 in total for our client, including $240,000 from the construction company and $40,000 from the taxi company.

$225,000 for Construction Worker with Left Shoulder Injury

Our client was a laborer working on an exterior building renovation in Brooklyn; the job involved brick replacement, brick pointing, and brick grinding. Our client was injured when he lost his balance and fell due to the longstanding presence of a dangerous and hazardous defect on the surface of the roof of the building. The roof surface was comprised of loose, unstable gravel that constituted both a tripping hazard and a slipping hazard. As a result of the incident, our client sustained left shoulder injuries that required surgery and was out of work for an extended period.

$225,000 for Injured Construction Laborer

Our client was working as a laborer on an interior construction/renovation project in the Bronx. He suffered injuries when he slipped and fell due to an excessive number of rivets that were haphazardly scattered throughout the surface of the work area and passageway. As a result of the hazardous walking conditions, he sustained a fractured base of the left first metatarsal through the interphalangeal joint.

$225,000 for Construction Site Security Guard

Our client, a security guard, was stationed at a passageway within a construction site when a broken, damaged, and defective gatepost portion of a chain link fence collapsed and fell onto his body, causing a left wrist injury. We alleged that the fence post in the area our client was assigned to guard was subjected to repeated damage from the large trucks that passed through to deliver construction material and equipment. Our law firm successfully established that the incident stemmed from a failure by the general contractor to exercise reasonable care, as defined by Labor Law 200, and that the defendant had constructive notice of the longstanding condition of disrepair – that is, they should have known the fence was in dangerous condition.

$125,000 Recovered for Laborer with Broken Collarbone

Our client was working as a construction laborer in the basement of a building renovation project in Brooklyn. In the process of removing a ceiling beam, a co-worker on the floor above dislodged a support column that toppled over, striking our client and breaking his collarbone. Our office successfully proved that the defendants were negligent because our client was not afforded with the required protection from falling material or objects while working on a construction site.

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Slip and Fall/Premises Liability

$2.2 Million for Convenience Store Customer

Our client was a customer in a convenience store in Manhattan who fell into an opening in the floor created by an open trap door. A convenience store employee had previously opened the trap door to allow a utility worker access to the basement, but failed to close the trap door after the utility worker existed the premises, thereby creating a dangerous condition for the public. As a result, our client sustained severe and painful injuries to the left lower extremity. We successfully argued that the premises were not reasonably safe, that defendant was negligent in not keeping the premises in a reasonably safe condition, and that defendant’s negligence in allowing the unsafe condition to exist was a substantial factor in causing plaintiff’s injury.

$1.137 Million for Negligent Security

Our client, who at the time was homeless, sustained a fractured arm and abdominal injuries due to the negligent use of excessive force by a supermarket security guard. The jury awarded a verdict of $1.137 million in the case tried by attorney Pat James Crispi.

$285,000 for Pool Attendant Trip and Fall

Our client, a pool attendant, was injured due a negligent tripping hazard, in the form of a coil of industrial electrical cord that extended across the floor surface. The accident occurred within the premises owned and operated by the defendant. As a result of the incident, he sustained injuries to the right shoulder that required multiple surgeries.

$275,000 Recovered for Apartment Tenant

We represented a 65-year-old woman who lived alone in an apartment in Queens. Due to storm-related water damage that occurred in August, the entire interior floor of her apartment became warped, loose; unsecured, and buckled. In September, she informed building management of the hazardous nature of the floor in writing, but they did not take action to remedy the dangerous floor. In December, she fell due to the hazardous conditions, sustaining fractured vertebrae.

It was alleged that because our client suffered from multiple sclerosis, her vulnerability to falling was increased. Specifically, it is well recognized within the medical community that the more common chronic symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis are gate and balance disturbances and spasticity.

$250,000 for Ankle Fracture from Fall on Curb

The accident occurred on the grounds of a private condominium complex in Manhattan. Our client was on the premises for her job as a home health aide; one of her clients was a resident of the condominium complex. As she attempted to step from the sidewalk, she lost her footing and fell to the ground due the presence of a defect in the curb of the sidewalk, causing a left ankle fracture dislocation. We achieved the $250,000 settlement after jury selection.

$250,000 for Ankle Fracture from Fall on Stairway

Our client fell and fractured his ankle after he slipped and lost his balance while descending a stairway. The stairway in question led from the street level to the basement level of a building in Manhattan, and we were able to demonstrate that the property owner’s negligence caused the stairs to be unsafe. We achieved this settlement prior to jury selection.

$250,000 for Brain Injury from Trip and Fall on Stairs

Our client, a 65-year-old grandmother, was exiting her daughter’s apartment building in the Bronx after spending the afternoon caring for her grandchildren. While descending the steps from the first floor to street level, she tripped on a hazard on the stairs and fell about eight feet, landing head-first at the bottom of the stairs. She lost consciousness and was rushed to Lincoln Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma. She ultimately needed to be hospitalized for 10 days to recover from her head and brain injuries.

$240,000 for Slip and Fall on Wet Stairway

Our client, a 42-year-old mother of three, was exiting an apartment along with her two-year-old daughter on a rainy day. While she was attempting to walk down the series of steps between the two sets of front doors, in the interior common vestibule leading to and from the front entrance, she fell, sustaining injuries to both knees, as well as her right ankle. The steps were covered with a substantial and unavoidable collection of water that emanated from a long-standing leak in the dilapidated interior ceiling. We were able to prove negligence under New York laws setting standards for safety in multiple-family dwellings.

$220,000 for Foot Injury on Public Sidewalk

While walking in Manhattan, our client was injured when she was struck on the left foot by a metal object that had been placed and left unattended against the framing of sidewalk scaffolding on the public sidewalk. She needed surgery for treatment of her injury.

$175,000 for Trip and Fall in Furniture Store

Our client was injured due to a concealed hazard on the walking surface within the interior common passageway on the premises of a furniture store in the Bronx. He sustained a right ankle tendon tear.

$175,000 for Wrist Fracture from Fall on Dance Floor

Our client was attending a dance event in Manhattan as an invited guest of a ticket holder. She fell and became injured due to a defect on the exterior dance floor that was erected for the purposes of this event. As a result of that defective condition, she suffered a fracture involving the distal radius and ulnar styloid process of the left wrist. The settlement was achieved during a pre-trial mediation.

$175,000 Recovered for Airport Slip and Fall

Our client was re-injured when he slipped and fell due to a collection of rainwater on the surface of a baggage area at JFK International Airport. We investigated and found that the airport failed to close the available doorways and access openings when the baggage area was not in use, thereby exposing the area to inclement weather and creating slippery conditions. Our client underwent surgery for treatment of his injury.

$120,000 Recovery for Torn Meniscus from Fall

Our client was injured when she fell into an opening in the floor created by an open trap door at a clothing store in the Bronx. She sustained a torn meniscus and needed surgery to repair the damage.

$120,000 Recovery for Fall on Slippery Sidewalk

Our client was injured on her way to work as a home health aide when she exited the subway and crossed the street to the sidewalk in front of a residential apartment building. She slipped and fell on a collection of black ice that was left uncorrected by the building management, breaking her left leg, and had to be rushed by EMS to Saint Luke’s Mount Sinai Hospital. We promptly dispatched investigators to the scene to preserve evidence of the hazardous condition. As a result of our prompt action, we were able to reach a settlement in the amount of $120,000 after litigation was commenced.

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

$2 Million for Mother and Son Injured as Pedestrians

We represented a mother and son who were hit by a car while crossing the street in Manhattan, causing leg fractures. The settlement, $1 million for each plaintiff for a total recovery of $2 million for the family, was achieved after seven days of trial.

$1.2 Million for Fatal Truck Accident

We represented the family of a man who was fatally injured when he was run over by a dump truck. The entire contents of the decedent’s thoracic cavity were extruded through a fifteen-inch hole in the decedent’s left thigh. In addition, the decedent suffered multiple fractures. We took legal action against the owner and operator of the dump truck, as well as the owner of the commercial property where the accident occurred, and recovered $1.2 million for the man’s adult daughter.

$550,000 Award for Pedestrian Hit by Backing Car

Our client was hit by a car on his way to pick up his daughter from school on one November afternoon in Queens, NY. The defendant had pulled his car to the north curb, west of our client, with the front of his car beyond a fire hydrant, then backed into him while trying to maneuver his vehicle away from the fire hydrant. At the time, our client possessed a functioning fibrous nonunion of the left humerus. Before the accident, the fibrous nonunion did not require surgical medical treatment. After the accident, he immediately needed to be admitted to the hospital for three days, then re-admitted later that month for surgery that was now required due to the accident. We obtained the $550,000 award through binding arbitration.

$395,000 for Highway Truck Accident
Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a tractor-trailer accident on the New York State Thruway. The car was hit from behind, causing the driver to lose control and collide with an interior guardrail, as well as a concrete barrier. Our client sustained a right humerus fracture that required the application of two splints and five months of physical therapy. We obtained a $395,000 verdict for her past and future pain and suffering.

$250,000 for Motorcycle Accident

We represented a motorcyclist who was hit by a van that was making a left turn into a parking lot in Queens. Our client sustained a left lateral tibial plateau fracture that required surgery to repair.

$250,000 for Rear-End Accident

Our client was operating a motor vehicle in Lares, Puerto Rico and was stopped at a stop sign when her vehicle was struck from behind, causing her to sustain a cervical disc herniation and cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerve). Her vehicle was a rental insured under her husband’s insurance policy. A claim was brought under the Supplemental/Uninsured Motorist (SUM) provision of the insurance policy covering the vehicle that she was operating at the time of the accident. We alleged lack of ordinary care by the offending driver who struck her vehicle from behind.

$250,000 for 85-Year-Old Pedestrian

We represented a man who was injured by a motorist backing out of a driveway while he was walking on a sidewalk in the Bronx. Our client sustained a hip fracture that required surgical repair. We successfully argued that the driver was negligent in failing to keep a proper lookout and in failing to use reasonable care, caution and prudence while operating his motor vehicle.

$220,000 for Bronx Forklift Accident

We represented a 43-year-old man who was seriously injured after being struck by a forklift in the parking lot of a Bronx food processing plant. Our client’s left foot sustained the most damage from the contact with the company-owned equipment. Specific injuries sustained included lacerations requiring sutures, scarring, and tearing of the anterior and posterior (tibiofibular) ligaments. Several years after the incident, the damage was still so intense that the injured accident victim required arthroscopic ankle surgery. The insurance company offered a mere $70,000 to cover our client’s trauma and pain. We pushed back and didn’t rest until they made a proper, pretrial settlement offer of $220,000.

$175,000 for Pedestrian Accident in Parking Lot

Our client was walking in the parking area of a residential parking complex in Westchester County. A vehicle that was backing out of a parking space knocked her down. She was hospitalized for approximately 10 days and was treated with bed rest. No surgery was performed.

$150,000 for Motorist Who Was Rear-Ended

While driving in the Bronx, our client was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle and sustained serious right shoulder injuries that required surgery. We secured $150,000 from the defendant company.

$120,000 for Bus Accident Back Injury

Our client was operating a company vehicle in the course of his employment, traveling southbound on the Cross Bronx Expressway (I-95). The operator of a passenger bus crashed into the rear portion of the vehicle. Our client received extended care and treatment for his injuries to his upper back and lower back. The final monetary recovery was eight times what the defendants were offering.

$100,000 for Pedestrian with Non-Displaced Wrist Fracture

We represented an 11-year-old girl who was involved in a motor vehicle accident in Brooklyn as a pedestrian. She sustained a non-displaced fracture of the left radius, which was treated in the emergency room with the application of a fiberglass cast that remained for approximately five weeks. Following the emergency room care, a treating orthopedic surgeon provided follow-up care. Fortunately, she made a full and complete recovery from the injury to her left wrist.

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Other Personal Injury

$4.63 Million for Woman Injured in Building Collapse

We represented a woman who was involved in a building collapse in Manhattan. Our client was waiting at a bus stop at an intersection when the wall of a nearby two-story building collapsed into the intersection, leaving her buried under a pile of debris. She was rescued from underneath the rubble and spent a total of four weeks in two hospitals.

As a result of the physical harm and the conditions she was subjected to while trapped under the debris, she developed post-traumatic stress disorder and dementia. She went from living independently and working as a home health aide to requiring constant medical care and supervision, ultimately moving into a restricted living facility. In addition to being dependent on others for her safety and well-being, she needs antipsychotic and antidepressant medication.

The $4.63 million settlement from two defendants, reached a week before jury selection, includes compensation for her past and future pain and suffering, as well as pecuniary damages. While nothing can bring back her quality of life, this settlement will provide for her care and treatment for the rest of her life.

$750,000 for Lead Paint Poisoning

We represented an 11-year-old boy who was diagnosed with blood lead levels of 59 after residing at the premises operated and maintained by the first defendant for the previous two months. He was hospitalized and treated for lead poisoning for an extended period. Immediately following and in direct response to the incident, the Orange County Department of Health inspected the premises and found abundant evidence of dangerous lead levels in multiple locations within the areas inhabited by our client. After his discharge from the hospital, with diminished blood lead levels, our client and his mother were relocated to a residence within the property owned by the second defendant, and thereafter the infant Plaintiff’s blood lead levels spiked again. Another investigation by the Orange County Department of Health revealed the presence of dangerous lead levels in the apartment owned by the second defendant and occupied by our client and his mother.

$600,000 for Lead Paint Poisoning to Two Children

We represented two children who became exposed to and poisoned by lead-contaminated dust while walking, playing, and crawling on and among the floors and walls within a basement apartment in the Bronx where lead-contaminated dust accumulated. The lead-contaminated dust entered their bodies of through hand-to-mouth activity, as well as inhalation of dust from deteriorating paint on the apartment’s surfaces. Both the NYC Department of Health and an independent entity reported to the landlord that the apartment failed to achieve lead paint safety standards, but the landlord failed to remedy the situation.  We were able to settle the case for a total of $600,000, including $287,500 for each of the children and $25,000 for their mother, after filing of a Note of Issue through Private Mediation.

$600,000 for Woman Trapped in an Elevator

Our client became trapped in one of the elevators of an apartment building in the Bronx. After being trapped inside the elevator car for approximately 25 minutes, she was able to contact building security and informed them of her predicament. Two security guards were dispatched to the scene of the elevator malfunction, and upon arrival, they directed her to sit and lower her head to clear the top portion of the exposed opening into the elevator shaft. The security guards next advised her that they would be pulling her outward from the cab to avoid all three of them falling into the exposed elevator shaft. In doing so, one of the security guards wedged the elevator door open with his foot, while they each grabbed our client by the arms and pulled her out and down, causing her to fall onto the hallway floor and become injured. Specifically, she sustained a knee injury that required three surgeries. The case settled on the date of jury selection after we forced the hand of the defendants by obtaining four hours of videotaped trial testimony from the surgeon who treated her.

$500,000 for Lead Paint Poisoning

We represented a child who, at the age of two, was diagnosed with a blood lead level of 19 mcg/dL as a result of testing administered under the direction of his pediatrician. Prior to the lead paint exposure, our client had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS); in addition, he suffered from pre-existing autistic disorder, complicating the diagnosis of symptoms associated with lead paint exposure. We were able to overcome those complicating factors and recovered $500,000 from the owners and operators of the building where our client resided.

$130,000 for Man Who Suffered Small Finger Laceration

Our client was in a men’s bathroom in the Bronx, NY, when after washing his hands, he reached up into the broken metal towel dispenser located on the bathroom wall and his right hand touched the jagged edge. Within less than one second, as he stepped towards bathroom exit, he observed that blood was gushing from his right hand where it had touched the jagged edge of the broken dispenser. He underwent surgery in the form of Stage II Flexor Tendon Reconstruction for treatment of his injury.

$125,000 Recovered for Injured Nursing Home Resident

We represented a 76-year-old nursing home resident who sustained a broken left leg when an attendant negligently allowed her leg to become entangled and trapped within a doorway during transport.

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