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Report Examines Human-Robot Construction Hazards

construction worker wearing a robotic exoskeleton

A Construction Accident Attorney in NYC Reveals the Risks Workers Face

Worker safety always needs to be a top priority at construction sites. Construction accidents can leave workers seriously injured and in need of extensive medical treatment. In recent years, robotic technology has been used more and more on construction sites, often with the goal of reducing worker risk in dangerous situations.

But the use of this technology can also pose hazards to worker safety. What are these hazards? How can they be prevented? A study from the Center for Construction Research and Training set out to find answers.

Human-robot interaction studied

Researchers examined hazards related to the use of robotics such as drones, exoskeletons, and “single-task” construction robots. They identified 40 hazards, classified into seven groups:

  • Human (physical or mental stress, operator errors, perceived safety, unfavorable body posture, etc.)
  • Control (for example, a software error or faulty equipment)
  • Unauthorized access or operational situation awareness (distraction or entry into a safeguarded area)
  • Mechanical concerns (such as parts with dangerous surfaces, unguarded moving parts, mechanical failure, unpredicted movement, and flammable materials)
  • Environmental sources (for example, electromagnetic or radio-frequency interference, poor weather, catching and dragging hazards, and uneven work surfaces)
  • Power systems (such as malfunctions, fire risks, and electrical hazards)
  • Improper installation (inadequate or incorrect work/task design, absence of work/task requirement, improper equipment layout, etc.)

In the study, researchers also looked at wearable robots, remote-operated robots, and automated robots. Then they developed safety risk ratings for these technologies when used in bricklaying, drywall installation, and concrete grinding and polishing.

They developed 22 preventive strategies and a process for assessing and controlling hazards in human-robot interaction situations.

The strategies include actions such as wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning equipment regularly, preventing unauthorized or improper maintenance, following manufacturer safety requirements, and undergoing periodic training and spot-checks.

The process for assessing and controlling hazards includes producing Safety Data Sheets on exoskeletons, remote-operated robots and onsite automated robots, as well as Job Hazard Analysis protocols.

In the report, there are descriptions of robotics and automation technologies in use in the industry, as well as a discussion of applications of these technologies, factors that influence their use, and current standards and procedures.

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