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Five Ways to Prevent Falls at Construction Sites

Fall Protection Systems; full harness type safety belt

A New York City construction accident lawyer shares some helpful tips

There is always construction going on somewhere in New York. It’s dangerous work, and workers are exposed to many hazardous situations. Construction accidents can easily happen when someone is negligent. Some of the most common causes of worker injuries and fatalities are falls from height.

When rules and regulations designed to protect workers are not followed, people can get hurt.

Here are five tips for preventing falls at the workplace.

Use recommended safety equipment properly

Many jobs require construction workers to wear safety harnesses and lanyards when working above the ground. It’s important for all workers to be thoroughly trained in wearing and operating all personal protection equipment.

Inspect fall protection systems

There are guidelines fall protection plans must meet, as listed in the A10.1 Standard for fall protection. For example, appropriate anchor points must be selected and energy-absorbing systems need to be installed. All workers should be properly trained on what to do if they fall. And situations where falling is not an option should be avoided – such as working near power lines.

Conduct frequent site inspections

Supervisors should check the site regularly for hazards that may cause slips, trips, and falls. They should make sure there is no debris on the floor, open trenches have proper protection to prevent falls, and that appropriate precautions are taken when there is standing water.

Plan for inclement weather and other hazards

Planning ahead can help prevent falls to reduce injuries. This includes wearing appropriate protective gear for conditions, proper footwear, and a full-body harness when working at heights.

Address any issues immediately

Any conditions that potentially could be hazardous need to be identified and fixed before any workers are exposed to them.

Tips for workers

There are additional best practices that workers can follow to keep themselves safe. Tools should be used for their intended purpose. All equipment should be grounded. Workers should not overload themselves with materials or equipment. Workspaces should be kept clean and clutter-free.

In addition, proper PPE (such as hard hats, steel-toe boots, goggles, and gloves) should be worn when needed. All equipment should be checked for damage before beginning work. And all workers should be aware of their surroundings and move slowly in areas of high risk.

Talk to an experienced construction accident lawyer

It only takes one negligent party to cause an accident. It could be a general contractor, site owner, property manager, subcontractor, or the manufacturer of defective equipment. If the negligence of a third party led to an injury that left you injured, you deserve financial compensation.

Keogh Crispi, P.C. has a strong track record of fighting for injured construction workers in New York. We investigate accidents to get the facts. We build strong cases and fight back against insurance company attempts to minimize your claim.

If you were hurt on a construction site as the result of a third party’s negligence, we will fight for the compensation you deserve. This may include compensation for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, lost future income, vocational rehabilitation, home modifications, pain and suffering, and other applicable damages.

Learn more about how we can help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation an experienced New York construction accident attorney.

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