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Paramjit Singh vs. 911 LLC, Supreme Court, Kings County

Paramjit Singh (our client) was employed at a building renovation in Bronx, New York. On the day of his accident he was instructed to use a power motorized machine on one of the tree trunks/stumps embedded in the concrete of the property. His employer set up an extension ladder beside a 25-foot drop on the far side of the retaining wall. The ladder that he was told to work from was not secured in any way. Paramjit Singh’s accident happened when the mechanical force of the motorized machinery caused the ladder to shift and knock him off of the unsecured ladder. He fell a distance of 22 feet below to the area of the base of the ladder. Mr. Singh suffered: a fractured right hip; a fractured right elbow; and a fractured right wrist.

The Law Firm of Keogh Crispi, once again successfully utilized: their sophisticated legal skills; their hard work; and their superior Courtroom strategy, to recover justice in the form of monetary compensation for its client. The case was handled by Pat James Crispi. Paramjit Singh and Mr. Crispi are depicted in this photo.

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