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As the summer months march toward us, construction projects throughout New York City will begin moving at full speed. The construction companies that are handling these must ensure that all workers remain safe as they get these structures erected. When there are safety issues, the workers can suffer greatly.

In a city full of skyscrapers, it isn’t unusual to see large cranes and some scaffolding or other lift systems around. These provide valuable services in the building and maintenance of these buildings, but they should only be used if they are in the condition necessary to get the job done safely. A falling crane, a dropped load or an unstable lift system can lead to people being injured or dying.

We realize that many construction workers become so familiar with their job duties that they might not think about the safety aspects of the job. This is when a culture of safety in the workplace becomes important. All workers, regardless of how long they’ve been doing the job, should have refresher courses in how to remain safe at work.

A construction worker who is injured on the job site should seek out medical care right away. Some might think that they are fine and may try to work through any pain or discomfort. Unfortunately, this could mean that the injury worsens, and they suffer even more.

One issue that can sometimes lead to these types of accidents is defective equipment. A weak bolt could make a crane collapse, or a lift that wasn’t manufactured properly could fall. In these cases, the worker might need to turn to a third party lawsuit to seek compensation from the company that made the equipment.

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