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If you suffer personal injury and/or property damage from a motor vehicle accident that owes to another individual’s negligence and fail to act with dispatch in its wake, rest assured that a certain third party will.

We allude to that entity on our website at the established Manhattan personal injury law firm of Keogh Crispi. Namely, it is the wrongdoer’s insurance company.

Insurance reps waste no time in the aftermath of a crash, ostensibly reaching out to accident victims with concern and a passion for gathering the underlying facts that figuratively and literally drove a crash.

Candidly, their outreach is not linked with any such motivation. We stress on our website that those individuals “are trained by the insurance company to be experts at shrinking or even eliminating legitimate claims by unfairly shifting blame on victims.”

Don’t talk to them. Have a proven pro-victims’ personal injury legal team do your communicating instead, with aggressive attorneys acting on your behalf who truly do have your best interests always in mind.

Time is often of the essence following a vehicle-linked accident or crash. Evidence needs to be examined and evaluated before it disappears. Witnesses need to be identified and closely communicated with. All parties that potentially played a role as crash catalysts need to be identified (these are often many and varied). Accident reconstruction is an immediate concern.

An adverse insurer and multiple other parties don’t remotely have an accident victim’s best interests in mind at such a time.

Lawyers from an experienced and empathetic personal injury law firm most assuredly do. Moreover, they are unstintingly focused on securing maximum money recoveries for their valued clients.

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